Consul Neowatt Solar hybrid Inverter Price In India

Consul Neowatt Solar hybrid Inverter are DSP based technology and intelligent software helps in automatic selection of inputs like Solar, Battery, Mains, DG and gives you un-interrupted 3 phase AC outputs. Keeping in mind the poor grid conditions in India, like, high voltage / fluctuations, the controller adjusts the output frequency so as to maintain balanced outputs irrespective of imbalance on grid side.


Consul Neowatt Solar Hybrid Inverter Price List

Capacity Volt Price (Rs)
3 kW-1P Hybrid Inverter  48V 70,500
4 kW-1P Hybrid Inverter  96V 78,300
5 kW-1P Hybrid Inverter  96V 86,400
6 kW-1P Hybrid Inverter  96V 89,000
7.5 kW-1P Hybrid Inverter  120V 1,17,500
10 kW-1P Hybrid Inverter  120V 1,96,500
12 kW-1P Hybrid Inverter  120V 2,34,000
10 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  120V 2,36,000
15 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  240V 2,56,000
20 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  240V 2,75,000
25 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  240V 3,77,000
30 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  240V 4,42,000
40 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  240V 6,93,500
50 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  240V 7,99,000
100 kW-3P Hybrid Inverter  240V 10,86,000


  • Available from 3KVA to 100KVA in wide voltage range
  • Various stage battery charging including temperature compensation
  • Fast changeover time  caters to high input phase unbalance
  • Auto DG start-stop as per requirement
  • RS-485 with extended touch screen display


  • Data Center
  • Site Office / Farm Houses
  • Telecom Shelters
  • Pipe Lines
  • Railways
  • Petrol Pumps


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