Vikram Solar Panel Price in India

Vikram Solar Limited (formerly known as Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.) is a globally recognized leading solar Panels provider. Manufacturing Machinery and equipment's imported from Japan and Germany. Vikram solar had extended his annual PV Module production capacity to 1 GW in 2017.specializing in high efficiency PV module. Vikram solar focusing on adopting new and innovative technologies.

vikram solar panel price in gurgaon india.

Vikram Solar Panel Price List

Model Price Per watt(Rs)
Vikram Solar Panel 100 Watt 3400 34
Vikram Solar Panel 150 Watt 5100 34
Vikram Solar Panel 260 Watt 7800 30
Vikram Solar Panel 270 Watt 6750 25
Vikram Solar Panel 315 Watt 7245 23
Vikram Solar Panel 320 Watt 7040 22
Vikram Solar Panel 325 Watt 7150 22
Vikram Solar Panel 330 Watt 7260 22


  • Vikram Solar has 27 years of linear Performance warranty.
  • Vikram solar Panels are certified for sand and dust test.
  • Vikram Solar Panels are certified for ammonia resistance.
  • Vikram Solar Panels are certified for salt mist corrosion resistance – severity VI
  • Vikram solar panels are 100% EL tested to ensure micro crack free modules

Advantages of Vikram Solar Panel:-

  • Vikram solar panels are designed for ideally suited for rooftop and ground-mounted applications.
  • Vikram solar has extremely narrow power tolerance of +3 Wp to reduce current mismatch loss in single string.
  • Higher Output of Module Power by reducing cell to module power loss.
  • Maximum system voltage increased to 1500Vdc (IEC & UL), increase string length , low BOS cost.

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