Lubi Solar Panel Price in India

Lubi Solar (Division of Lubi electronics) - Ahmedabad-based Solar Panel Manufacturing Company with having fully automatic state of art solar PV panel manufacturing line. Lubi Produces highly efficient solar panels such as Poly Crystalline and Mono Crystalline. PERC and Bi-facial Module which is made of high-efficiency cells procured by global suppliers. The price of a Lubi solar panel is starting from Rs 32/Per watt.

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Solar PV modules are certified for being sourced from top-tested quality materials. At the automated production/manufacturing house, all PV Panels are produced and executed under strict supervision. The solar panel price has been designed to meet the economic standard of both rural and urban areas. These panels are corrosion-resistant, robust with snow and wind-withstanding capacity, PID-resistant, and durable.

Technical Specification:

Technical Specification of Lubi Solar PV Modules / Solar Panels are as below:

Panel Wattage No. of Cell Module  Efficiency Max Voltage Short Circuit  Current
400W 72 17.09% 41.21 10.38
330W 72 16.74% 36.9 9.32
320W 72 16.49% 36.7 9.23
315W 72 16.23% 36.5 9.13
310W 72 15.97% 36.3 9.04
275W 60 16.90% 32.22 9.42
270W 60 16.60% 32.16 9.27
265W 60 16.30% 32.04 9.1
260W 60 15.70% 31.8 9.07
225W 72 15.49% 37.72 6.58

Lubi solar panel price in india

Key Features:-

  • 100% EL tested to ensure micro crack free modules.
  • Certified for sand and dust test.
  • High Efficient in Low-Light Weather Condition.
  • 4/5 busbar solar cells Technology.
  • Certified for PID free modules.
  • Heavy snow loads up to 5400 Pa. Wind load up to 2400Pa.