Luminous Solar (Complete Range of Solar Products at one Place)

Luminous has both Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline Solar Panels which are one of the most efficient and reliable Solar Panels with IEC certification with best performance warranty of 25 years solar power generation. Luminous Solar has complete range of solar products which are use in solar systems  On-grid Solar Power Plant, Off-grid Solar Power Plant and Hybrid Solar Power Plant.Luminous Solar Panel price is starting from Rs 23 per Watt.

luminous solar products price list 2019

Luminous Solar Panel Price List

Solar Panels Prices (Rs) Per Watt(Rs)
Luminous Solar Poly 40W/12V 1400 35
Luminous Solar Poly 80W/12V 2800 35
Luminous Solar Poly 110W/12V 3850 35
Luminous Solar Poly 170W/12V 5950 35
Luminous Solar Poly 335W/24V 72 Cells 10050 30
Luminous Solar Mono Perc Half Cut 550Watt 144C 16500 30

Luminous Solar Panels Features:-

  • Best in class conversion efficiency.
  • More light absorption with the anti-reflective coating and back surface field (BSF).
  • Better module protection with the advance EVA encapsulation.
  • Strong lightweight Aluminum frame design offers high torsion resistance against wind & snow loads.

Luminous Solar Panel Advantages :-

  • Higher cell efficiency means optimum output
  • More light absorption
  • Frame reduces resistance and thus improves cell efficiency
  • Multi layer encapsulation provide better module protection
  • Offers high torsion resistance against wind load and snow loads
  • Consumers can have confidence that the product is safe, reliable and of good Quality  


Luminous Grid Tie Inverters

Luminous Grid-Connected Inverters are Safe and Efficient. The NXi range from Luminous is available in single and three phase configurations. With best-in-class reliability and compliance to safety standards, the solar inverters are available in capacities from 1kW to 50 kW.

Luminous grid connected inverter price

Luminous Grid Connected Inverter Price List

Capacity (KW) Phase Price
Luminous 1 KW On-grid Inverter 1 PH 24,000
Luminous 2 KW On-grid Inverter 1 PH 27,000
Luminous 3 KW On-grid Inverter 1 PH 30,000
Luminous 4 KW On-grid Inverter 1 PH 39,000
Luminous 5 KW On-grid Inverter 1 PH 45,000
Luminous 6 KW On-grid Inverter 3 PH 65,000
Luminous 10 KW On-grid Inverter 3 PH 85,000
Luminous 15 KW On-grid Inverter 3 PH 1,03,000
Luminous 20 KW On-grid Inverter 3 PH 1,10,000
Luminous 30 KW On-grid Inverter 3 PH 1,50,000
Luminous 50 KW On-grid Inverter 3 PH 2,25,000

Luminous Grid Connected Inverter Features:-

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPTs) to extract up to 30% more power from the panels, minimizing the impact of shading and increasing efficiency.
  • Anti- Islanding Protection disconnects the inverter from the grid during power failure preventing any electrical shock to the linemen at work.
  • IP65 Protection Designed to work in tough weather conditions. Flawless operation despite dust, rain or extreme temperature variations.
  • MNRE & IEC Compliance Complies with MNRE recommended standards IEC - 61683, IEC – 60068, IEC – 61000, IEC – 61727, IEC – 62116.
  • Remote monitoring multiple modes of connectivity (GSM/Wi-fi) for remote monitoring enables proactive maintenance.
  • Luminous Grid Tie Inverter has 5 years warranty and > 97% Efficiency.

Luminous Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) 

Luminous POWER CONDITIONING UNIT(PCU) High Capacity & Control The NXT range of PCUs is the ideal solution for Off-grid applications. Designed to offer control,  the PCU intelligently optimizes battery charging and power to load among Solar, Battery and Grid power. Available from 1kW to 10kW.

Luminous Solar PCU Price

Luminous Solar PCU Price List

Model Volt Price
Luminous NXI 1 KW 48 V 30,125
Luminous NXI 2 KW 48 V 44,143
Luminous NXI 3 KW 48 V 49,450
Luminous NXI 6 KW 96 V 79,470
Luminous NXI 8 KW 120 V 114,102
Luminous NXI 10 KW 120 V 124,500

Luminous Solar PCU Features:-

  • Priority Settings Priority settings allow the user to choose among reduced grid dependency & energy savings, enhanced backup and autonomy from the grid.
  • Guaranteed Safety Comprehensive protection features include short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge, etc.
  • User-friendly Display A user-friendly display communicates important parameters like discharge time, grid availability, selected priority setting, etc.
  • MNRE & IEC Compliance Complies with MNRE recommended standards IEC – 61683, IEC – 60068 – 1,2,14,30, IEC – 60529.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking MPPTs extract 30% more power as compared to UPS with PWM charge controllers.
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Luminous High Capacity Combo Inverters

Luminous HIGH CAPACITY COMBO Solar solutions with tough build Cruze & Shine combination runs heavy loads with extreme ease and efficiency. Available from 2 KVA to 7.5 KVA. Warranty: 2 Years

Luminous Cruze Combo Retrofit Price

Luminous High Capacity Inverter Price List

Model Volt Price
Luminous Cruze  2.5KVA+ Shine 3650 36 V 25,500
Luminous Cruze  3.5KVA+ Shine 4850 48 V 31,200
Luminous Cruze  5.5KVA+ Shine 9650 96 V 53,050
Luminous Cruze  7.5KVA+ Shine 12050 120 V 76,050

Luminous Retrofit Price List

Model Volt Price
Luminous Shine 1220 12 V 1,950
Luminous Shine 2420 24 V 1,950
Luminous Shine 3650 36 V 4,500
Luminous Shine 4850 48 V 6,850
Luminous Shine 9650 96 V 9,950
Luminous Shine 12050 120 V 13,550

Luminous High Capacity Combo Inverter Features:-

  • Run Heavy Loads Runs heavy loads like Geyser, Petrol Pumps, Photocopiers, Dental Chairs, etc.
  • ABCC Technology Adaptive Battery Charging Control System (ABCC) ensures faster battery charging and enhances battery life by 70%
  • Intuitive Display Easy to understand display shows the status of mains availability, battery charging, battery level, etc.
  • Guaranteed Safety Comprehensive protection against short-circuit, reverse polarity, battery over-charge, and battery deep-discharge.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output Ensures noiseless operation and safety of connected appliances.
  • Solar Optimization Technique Solar optimization technique extracts maximum power by intelligently prioritizing solar over the grid.
  • Four Stage Charging 4-stage smart charging ensures fast, safe & efficient charging and longer battery life.
  • LCD Display User-friendly displays communicate information like battery Charging Status, Charging Source, Total unit savings, etc.
  • MCB Protection World class MCB ensures your UPS and connected loads stay protected from short circuits.

Luminous Solar Battery

Luminous Solar batteries are designed for use in solar systems are built to last longer Lead acid batteries are mainly used as energy storage for solar battery banks. Off-grid solar power systems require battery banks to store energy for times of frequent power cuts.


Luminous Solar Battery Price List

Capacity Model Price (Rs)
Luminous  solar Battery 20 AH LPT1220H 2,800
Luminous  solar Battery 40 AH LPT1240H 4,700
Luminous  solar Battery 75 AH LPT1275H 7,000
Luminous  solar Battery 100 AH LPT12100H 8,800
Luminous  solar Battery 120 AH LPT12120H 9,900
Luminous  solar Battery 150 AH LPT12150H 12,900
Luminous  solar Battery 200 AH LPT12200L 14,900

Luminous Solar Battery Features:-

  • Luminous Solar Batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer back up. Range Available - LMLA Tubular 20Ah to 200 Ah.
  • Very Low Maintenance Topping up frequency: Once in 8 to 10 months.
  • High Temperature Performance Can handle extreme weather conditions.
  • Long Design Life Long cycles (1500@80% DOD, 5000 @20% DOD).


Luminous Solar Inverter 

Luminous solar inverter the Solar Ready UPS NXG range is a hybrid UPS range that intelligently uses grid and solar power. With the ability to operate in a wide voltage range, NXG is the ideal starter solar solution for homes. Available from 300VA to 1500VA.

Luminous Solar Inverter Price


Luminous Solar Inverter Price List

Model Volt Price
Luminous NXG 350 12 V 2,500
Luminous NXG 750 12 V 3,950
Luminous NXG 1100 12 V 4,550
Luminous NXG 1400 12 V 5,750
Luminous NXG 1800 24 V 6,350

Luminous Solar Inverter Features:-

  • ISOT Technology Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT) maximizes solar energy usage in both backup and charging mode of operation.
  • Safety and Protection In-built protection against deep discharge, overcharge, excessive current and short-circuit.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output Ensures noiseless operation and safety of connected appliances.
  • ECO and UPS Mode Choice between Eco mode that conserves battery (Ideal for low voltage areas) and UPS mode (Ideal for computer loads).


Luminous Solar Charge Controller 

Luminous Charge controllers provide an easy upgrade to solar for existing users of DC loads.

Luminous solar Charger Controller Price


Luminous Solar Charge Controller Price List

Model Volt Price
Luminous SCC 1206 12 V 450
Luminous SCC 1210 12 V/24 V 730
Luminous SCC 2420 12 V/24 V 1,050

Luminous Solar Charge Controller Features:-

  • Protection Against OverCharge and Reverse Current Charges batteries from solar panels without permitting overcharge and also prevent reverse current flow at night.
  • USB Port Charge your DC devices like Mobile, Tablets, etc. directly without using an adapter.
  • Warranty 1 Year Warranty


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